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   02-26-2008 - Speed up Squirrelmail
A handful of years later after an installation of squirrelmail, it seems to affecting multiple people in my office... including me. From what I can tell it is related to having billions of email messages in the inbox... or saved in a folder somewhere. After some searching I found a small tech gem on speeding up squirrelmail. The sad part is you will have to search for it. It is about 2/3rds down labeled
"4.7. Config SquirrelMail"

The menu's have probably changed a little, but let me try to sum it up for you.
1. Domain = Your Domain
I think this prevents DNS lookups that might slow it down.
2. Imap Settings -> Server software = courier
You might have to install courier-imap. I vaguely remember installing it a long time ago when I first was learning about squirrelmail. From what I can tell this allows courier-imap to help with the next two options
3. General Options/Allow server thread sort = true
I suspect this just allows the server to create extra threads to help with sorting the email.
4. General Options/Allow server-side sorting = true
When I saw this I was surprised. What did they mean by this. Was the sorting done by the client? Even though it probably eats up processor speed, my gut tells me this is the huge factor.

After making the suggested changes, I saw a huge difference in performance. Instead of waiting 10 seconds for squirrelmail to come up... it's back to instantaneous.

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(1:17 pm) 02-03-2012

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